Coloma: UDI candidates have to be looked at realistically

The president of the party stated that for now, the group is dedicated to “understanding what will be in the party’s best interest in order to win” the presidential elections.

11 de Noviembre de 2008 | 14:40 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- After the UDI Political Commission decided yesterday to establish the Extended Directive Council on December 12th of this year to designate who will be the party’s presidential candidate, the group’s president, Juan Antonio Coloma, has said that the possible candidates within the party must be evaluated realistically.

“We are working to understand what will be in the party’s best interest in order to win”, the president of the UDI stated in an interview with Radio ADN “candidates have been presented and the enthusiasm is there, but it is not solely a matter of enthusiasm”.

Additionally, Coloma stated “we have to look at the real scenario, the challenge, what they are proposing and what the parties rely upon”. 
Nevertheless, the senator left open the possibility of stepping aside for the candidacy of Sebastián Pinera, indicating “the common denominator between us is that we have to have the first Alianza government administration, and we have to conjugate the verb: to win”.


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