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In the photo is seen Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi playing her role in her movie "The Banquet". Chinese director Feng Xiaogang is known for his rich characters and down to earth stories in films like "Big Shot´s Funeral", "Cell Phone" and most recently, "A World Without Thieves". He ditches his comfort zone in "The Banquet", an epic Chinese variation of the Shakespeare tragedy "Hamlet", and in the process loses the human touch that has made his work so accesible and moving. Ver más.
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The image shows a spectogram comparing the phonetic sounds and frequencies of the word "good" spoken by zookeeper Kim Jong-kap and 15 year old elephant "Koshick". According to Bae Myung-jin, a professor at the School of Engineering, Koshick uses his nose to exhale air into points in his mouth to mimic Korean words. He says Koshick can mimic words sucha as "good, good", "not yet, not yet", "lie down, lie down", and believes Koshick may be the first elephant in the world to speak. Ver más.
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In the image people chase the "Bull of Fire", a metal figure of a bull loaded with fireworks through the streets of Dalias in southern Spain, as part of the city´s Christ of Light festivity. Ver más.
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