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Tourists are finally returning to Thailand´s Andaman coast two years after the devastating tsunami, but any attempts to commercialise the tragedy are being snubbed by holiday makers. The tsunami-survivor" T-shirts go unworn, and even the tasteful memorials are apparently being ignored by visitors who want to forget about the waves which claimed 5,400 lives in Thailand, roughly half of whom were tourists. Ver más.
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Passerbys walk past a giant movie poster of the latest blockbuster from Chinese director Zhang Yimou "The Curse of the Golden Flower", starring Gong Li and Chow Yun-Fat, along a street in Xian. The historical martial arts epic, with a reported budget of US$45 million, is the latest in a series of similar movies by Zhang following "Hero" and "House of the Flying Daggers", and got mixed reviews from the Chinese film critics. Ver más.
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A yacht is lifted off the Rhine River in Duesseldorf ahead of being transported to the western city´s fair grounds for the 38th edition of the "boot" fair. From January 20-28, 2007, exhibitors from all over the world will present the highlights of the international yachting and watersports industry as well as maritime products and services. Ver más.
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