Egypt is fuming over the competition to choose the world´s "new seven wonders", deriding it as a marketing stunt that demeans the pyramids of Giza, the only surviving ancient wonder. In the image camels rest in front of the main monument in Jordan´s ancient city of Petra, the "Khazneh" or Treasury, that was carved out of sandstone to serve as a tomb for a Nabatean king. Ver más.
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Wearing traditional dress for a symbolic wedding two years old Benno, left, Nikos, 2ndleft, Katja, 2nd right, and one year old Pauline, right, celebrate the story of the so-called "Bird´s Marriage" in Panschwitz, eastern Germany. The children of the Sorbs, a German minority located near the Polish border, thank birds, that according to a legend, give the children sweets in return of being fed during winter. Ver más.
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A man walks by snowmen installed in a street in Moscow. Several dozen snowmen are installed there as a part of Russia´s most famous clown Vyacheslav Polunin´s theater "Snow Show" Ver más.
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A policeman guards two crashed Chilean public buses in Santiago in front of the presidential palace La Moneda. The scene is part of the French Royal de Luxe theater production "The hidden rhino", which will be presented till Sunday. According to a comuniqué, "a derranged rhino coming from Africa (...) hit and turned over the vehicles, and tomorrow, a five meter tall girl known as "The Small Giant" is expected to calm him down. Everybody is invited to participate in this unusual therapy". Ver más.
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Dutch master Rembrandt´s 1661 painting "Saint James the Greater" is seen in this undated handout. The painting was sold to an anonymous buyer for $25.8 million at Sotheby´s in New York today, falling short of the record price of nearly $29 million for a work by the Dutch painter. Ver más.
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People ski at Big White ski resort, through snow covered trees, known as "snow ghosts", today in Kelowna, B.C. Ver más.
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