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A woman dressed in "Oiran" costume is seen performing on stage at a festival today in Tokyo. "Oiran", also known as "Taiyuu", were high class courtesans predominant in the Edo period. They practised the arts of dance, music, poetry and calligraphy to entertain men in the pleasure quarters. Ver más.
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Wearing ancient Japanese costumes , people play "Kemari", an ancient Japanese ball-lifting game using only the right leg, at the Shiramine shrine today in Tokyo. The shrine is particularly famous for kemari, a game that came to Japan from China in the seventh century. Ver más.
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In the photo Pope Benedict XVI adjusts his "camauro", a red velvet cap trimmed with white ermine fur. Animal rights activists in Italy have asked the pontiff to stop wearing fur in a sign of respect for the "sacredness of all living species". Ver más.
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