Kurt Obrist juggles with a Swiss flag in front of the world´s largest soccer ball made from snow, to welcome guests at the Jungfrauenjoch mountain, 3,454 meters over sea level, at Interlaken, Switzeland, prior to the kick off of a soccer match. The game is part of the UEFA EURO 2008 "One year to go" event marking one year before the start of the European soccer championships EURO 2008. Ver más.
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A Kenyan riot police dog lunges at suspected Mungiki gang members at the Nairobi´s Mathare slum. At least 33 people have been killed during paramilitary raids this week on a Nairobi slum that is a stronghold of the Mungiki, a gang that developed from an anti-Christian sect into Kenya´s biggest organized crime gang. Ver más.
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