Bielsa keeps "operation Bolivia" under wraps

The coach of Chile’s National Soccer Team has still not revealed his plan to ready the team for their June match in La Paz, but has gone undefeated against the Argentine National Team with one win and one tie.

09 de Abril de 2008 | 13:53 | El Mercurio Online

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SANTIAGO.- FIFA´s stand is steadfast: “All matches played at an altitude higher than 2,750 meters above sea level are prohibited unless a training period is scheduled to acclimate the players”. 

The regulation adds that the acclimation period must be a week long, and that, if the altitude is above 3,000 meters, at least two weeks of acclimation is required.

The drastic decision made by the worldwide soccer regulation entity affects Bolivia and its stadium in La Paz, which is located 3,620 meters above sea level.  The Chilean National Team is scheduled to play in La Paz on June 15th of this year as part of the classificatory matches for the World Cup in South Africa.

Despite the fact that some countries are opposed to matches in such geographical conditions, the ANFP has already announced that Chile will play in La Paz as part of an agreement signed by the members of the South American Football Confederation (Conmebol) in Santiago during January of this year.



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