Camilo Escalona leads PS elections following first official count

The leader currently holds more than 58% of the 29.5% votes counted.

28 de Abril de 2008 | 13:31 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- According to the first official count of 29.5% of the total votes, the current president of the Socialist Party (PS), Camilo Escalona, is leading internal elections with more than a 58% preference.

The count –which was delivered at seven o´clock this morning after being postponed five times— indicates that 58.67% of the votes are for the “More equality for Chile” campaign, doubling the 26.33% reported for the “Grandes Alamedas” campaign being led by Isabel Allende and Carlos Ominami.

Meanwhile, the “Movimiento Amplio Socialista” (MAS) led by Senator Alejandro Navarro, has reported 8.14%, while the “Socialistas como Allende” campaign led by Carmen Lazo holds 6.98% of the preference. 

Early this morning before having the official figures, Escalona´s group had said that that their campaign would be the winner since, according to their calculations (accounting for 50% of the polls counted) the group held close to 60% of the votes.

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