Subway collision leaves four people injured

The incident occurred at 9:01 AM this morning at the Principe de Gales station, where an unoccupied subway train that was being manually driven entered the station and hit another train that was stopped there.

04 de Agosto de 2008 | 13:35 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- A subway collision that occurred between two Metro trains at the Principe de Gales station on Line 4 this morning has left four people injured.

According Metro S.A., the incident took place at 9:01 AM, when an empty train that was being driven manually entered the station and collided with another train that had stopped to pick up passengers.

The situation has halted service at the six subway stations located between Los Orientales and Tobalaba.  Service is expected to resume at the affected stations shortly, although the Principe de Gales station remains closed.

The four people who were slightly wounded were travelling in the last wagons of the train headed in the direction of Puente Alto and their injuries were the result of falling down after the impact.

According to reports, the unoccupied subway train was on its way to the company’s mechanic workshops.

Police arrived at the scene along with Emergency Medical Service (SAMU) personnel.

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