Thieves take $5 million pesos in clothing from store in Providencia

The suspects managed to complete the assault in less than five minutes and then fled the scene.

12 de Agosto de 2008 | 13:21 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- The Department of Police Investigation (SIP) of the 19th Police Station in Providencia is currently probing into a robbery that took place early this morning at the “Tattoo” clothing and outdoor accessories store located at 81 Los Leones Avenue.

The incident occurred just after 1:00 AM this morning when five unmasked individuals wielding large blunt objects cut through two locks on the metal door at the front of the store, opening it and entering the business after smashing a 3x2 meter window pain.
Once inside, the perpetrators managed to steal 5 million pesos worth of men and women’s clothing items in less than five minutes.

The store manager, 42 year old Claudio González, stated that the suspects fled the scene because an alarm had been activated after neighbors tried to scare the assailants away.  González added that the incident is the third robbery to take place at the store in less than a month.

According to police, witnesses were able capture the license plate number of the getaway vehicle the suspects used - a grey Mazda 323 that has no record of being stolen.

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