The numbers that led to Astengo´s resignation

From the moment he took on number one team Colo Colo, the coach has obtained a less than a 50% success rate – losing both of the official classics matches.

13 de Agosto de 2008 | 14:56 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- On March 25th, Claudio Borghi announced to his players that he was going to leave Colo Colo.

Five months have passed and the same news is repeating itself in Macul today.  The Argentine replacement for Borghi, Fernando Astengo, has also announced his “non-negotiable” resignation to Colo Colo directors.

Astengo has coached 15 matches in the Chilean tournament, gaining five wins and six ties and suffering four defeats- giving him a success rate 46.6%

In addition to the unfavorable figure, two of the four matches the team lost were classics.  The first loss was at the fifteenth game of the Apertura Tournament against the Universidad de Chile, with a score of zero.  The second loss was against the Universidad Católica, also with a score of zero.

During the second half of the year, the team has so far obtained 14 of 24 points possible, with four wins, two losses and two ties.

Nevertheless, the numbers have been favorable in the international realm.  Astengo coached two Copa Lbertadores matches, against Atlético Maracaibo and Atals, both home games.  The team won the first match 2-0 and tied the second 1-1.  The results did not help however, to classify the team to the second round.

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