Transantiago bus causes major traffic jam on Vespucio Norte Express

A break in the rear axel of the bus caused the vehicle to break down on the Centenario bridge, which is an area not covered by the highway concessionary. The company however, decided to arrange for the bus to be towed anyway.

26 de Agosto de 2008 | 12:09 | Bárbara Covarrubias, El Mercurio Online

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SANTIAGO.- A traffic jam stretching for more than 7 kilometers was reported this morning along the Vespucio Norte Express highway between El Guanaco Avenue and La Pirámide, in the municipality of Huechuraba.

The stand-still resulted after a Transantiago bus stopped in the Puente Centenario section of the road (located in the municipality of Vitacura) at 7:40 AM due to a break in the rear axel of the vehicle.

Due to the scale of the congestion, the highway concession holder decided to arrange to have the bus taken away by one of its tow trucks, managing to have the vehicle cleared out of the way by 8:43 AM.

The property of the highway concessionary ends in the El Salto sector. However, faced with the heavy traffic delay, the company resolved to tow the broken down vehicle anyway. 

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