Tunnel collapse during protest leaves six students injured at Liceo de Aplicación

The structure gave way as teenagers were jumping in protest of the administrative and infrastructural crisis which they claim is affecting the high school.

28 de Agosto de 2008 | 12:49 | Jaime Pinochet, El Mercurio

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SANTIAGO.- Six students belonging to the Liceo de Aplicación were injured after a tunnel connecting the educational establishment's two buildings collapsed.

The structure gave way as close to forty demonstrators were jumping and protesting the administrative and infrastructural crisis they claim is affecting the high school.

Just before the accident, the Physical Education teacher at the school –identified as Mauricio Santelices- noticed that the floor was moving quite a bit and began to break up the students. Just as he began to usher the students out of the area however, the tunnel collapsed – falling 3 meters.

According to the commander of the Prefectura Central, Sergio Uribe, 16 students were injured, six of which suffered bone fractures and were transferred to the Posta Central medical facility.

Meanwhile, officials from the Ministry of Education have arrived at the scene along with engineers from the Municipality of Santiago in order to survey the structural damage and determine how long classes at the institution will be cancelled for.

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