Mother of disappeared prisoner: "My grandson is the one who is alive"

Ana González has stated that her son disappeared along with his wife and brother in 1976.

07 de Enero de 2009 | 15:16 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- Ana González, the mother of Luis Recabarren González –one of the three recently denounced cases of "falsely disappeared prisoners"-, has asserted that the person that was found alive with the same name is her grandson, not her son.

"I would like to tell the country that fortunately there is a Luis Emilio Recabarren alive and well, but (...) he is not my son, he is my grandson. The grandson (...) that was left behind and has survived so much pain, so much torture, who has lived through all of the sorrow in this country. He is alive in Sweden along with his maternal grandmother", González told Radio Cooperativa.

The woman's son, Luis Emilio Recabarren, was a member of the Communist Party (PC) and disappeared along with his wife and brother in 1976.

González added that she would meet with the Minister of the Presidency, Francisco Vidal, in order to request that proceedings be initiated in order to prove that her relatives were indeed disappeared as detainees.

"If the Armed Forces had told the truth about everything that happened, these things would not be happening today", stated González.

The woman also indicated that, for 30 years, she has "held a banner, looking for truth, seeking justice (...); 30 years fighting to not leave behind, to not leave the burden as something to be inherited by my grandchildren, by my great-grand children".

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