Government debunks statement made by Rubilar regarding "falsely disappeared prisoner"

According to the presidential advisor for Human Rights, María Luis Sepúlveda, the possibility that Luis Emilio Recabarren Gonzàlez is alive has been "entirely ruled out".

07 de Enero de 2009 | 15:27 | Karina Morales y Paz Saffie, El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- While in the presence of the mother and sister of Luis Emilio Recabarren González, the government emphatically denied that the former member of the Communist Party (PC) who disappeared in 1976 is alive as had been announced by RN Deputy Karla Rubilar.

After the mother of Recabarren, Ana González, assured that the individual alive in Sweden with the same name of her son is actually her grandson, the presidential advisor for Human Rights, María Luisa Sepúlveda stated that "it has been absolutely ruled out" that the former PC member is alive. "There is no evidence supporting it", she added.

Sepúlveda reminded the public that the case has been present in the courts for years, and asked that evidence provided by witnesses be taken "with much caution" before statements are made that only serve to bring up painful emotions for the families of the victims.

Furthermore, the Minister of the Presidency, Francisco Vidal, issued a call to "stop the suffering of thousands and thousands of Chileans".

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