Frei denies statements made by Carlos Figueroa concerning treatment of "frentistas" during his administration

The former Minister of Interior revealed that in 1997, under the administration of the DC Senator, the Cuban government was asked to keep the murderers of Jaime Guzmán on the island.

12 de Enero de 2009 | 14:24 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- DC Senator Eduardo Frei has emphatically refuted statements made today by the former Minister of Interior during his administration, Carlos Figueroa, who claimed that in 1997 the Cuban government was asked to keep the murderers of UDI Senator Jaime Guzmán on the island and that their extradition was never requested.

“Everyone makes the statements he or she wishes.  The policy of the government, which has been manifested in all aspects of the administration, was always that those who had committed crimes in Chile must be tried in Chile”, stated the former President.

Frei assured that his administration never strayed from this policy and said that authorities always put forth maximum effort to bring those involved in the death of Jaime Guzmán to justice.

“If Carlos Figueroa has said what he has said, that is Carlos´ problem”, asserted the DC presidential candidate.

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