Police arrest man accused of killing his one year-old daughter in Estación Central

The mother stated that the baby had suffered constant physical abuse at the hands of the suspect.

13 de Enero de 2009 | 13:34 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO. -  Officers belonging to the Homicide Brigade of the Bureau of Police Investigations have arrested 23 year-old Claudio Villaseca Astorga, who is accused of killing his 15-month old daughter in October 2007 in Estación Central.

According to Officer Rodrigo Morales, the incident took place on October 4th of 2007 when the baby, identified as Katherine, was found to be dead after arriving at the Los Nogales medical center in the aforementioned municipality.

At the time, both the father and the mother stated that they had awakened and found the baby dead, at which point they took her to the medical center.  After histological and toxicological exams however, doctors determined that the toddler suffered intracranial hemorrhaging at the hands of a third party.

In addition to the medical evidence, police arrested Villaseca after the mother of the little girl told officials that he had repeatedly physically abused the baby.

When asked about the delay in receiving the results of the medical exams, Officer Morales claimed the Legal Medical Service was to be held responsible, but opted not to reveal further details.

Villaseca, who works as a security guard, will be arraigned on the charges this morning while police continue to search for the baby’s mother, who is currently missing.

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