Police arrest pregnant woman in connection to three robberies in eastern Santiago

The officials say that 25 year-old Rosa Farías Barrera may have participated in 30 other burglaries.

13 de Enero de 2009 | 13:39 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO. -  Officers belonging to the OS-9 Police squad arrested 25 year-old Rosa del Carmen Farías Barrera yesterday afternoon.  The woman, who is six months pregnant, is accused of participating in three robberies that took place between December 27th of 2008 and January 2nd of 2009, one of which was at the home of a retired Police Colonel in Huechuraba.

Rosa Farías, who does not have a prior criminal record, was arrested yesterday afternoon at the corner of Verbenas and Salvador Allende in Huechuraba.  According to the commander of the East-Metropolitan Police Force, Enrico Morelli, the woman was recognized by the owners of two homes in the municipalities of Las Condes and Providencia, who had been robbed the same day.

According to the police chief, authorities have already arrested a teenager and another adult who had been participating in crimes in the same group with Farías.  The officer indicated that only one more member of the band remains to be arrested.

After detaining the woman, police found that she possessed items from three other robberies.  Officials say that Farías is being investigated for alleged participation in another 30 similar heists that took place during 2008 in the northern and eastern sectors of the capital.

Rosa Farías will be arraigned sometime today at the Center of Justice of Santiago.

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