Police arrest real ringleader of robbery gang operating in the eastern part of the capital

A pregnant woman with a striking resemblance to the assailant had been wrongly identified and detained.

15 de Enero de 2009 | 13:46 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO. - Officials belonging to the Metropolitan Robbery Brigade arrested a 17 year-old girl with the initials K.B.S. yesterday afternoon.  The teenager is suspected of being the real burglar responsible for the break-ins on Calle Luis Matte Larraín, in Las Condes and Calle Los Misioneros, in Pedro de Valdivia, that took place on January 2nd of this year.

The girl, whom both police and victims had gotten confused with another woman- identified as 25 year-old Rosa Farías Barrera- has a previous criminal record for robbery and theft.  According to Officer Víctor Fuentes, items stolen during both break-ins were found in the girl’s possession.  Police were reportedly aided in identifying the girl by testimony given from a former accomplice who is currently in jail.

The information was corroborated by that fact that the girl was found wearing a medal with the image of Sister Teresa of the Andes, which was recognized by Sergio Donoso, who was one of the victims of the robbery carried out by the so-called “Las Hermanas” gang last Tuesday in Ñuñoa.

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