Drunk driver receives harsh penalty for trying to bribe a police officer

After offering the official five thousand pesos, the policeman issued the driver a traffic ticket as well as one for attempted bribery.

16 de Enero de 2009 | 14:51 | El Mercurio Online

RANCAGUA. -  Miguel Ángel Torres received a harsh penalty after he was stopped by a police officer while driving under the influence of alcohol through downtown Rancagua.  The policeman, who belongs to the First Commissary of the city, had stopped the driver to issue him a ticket when the man decided to try to offer the officer money in hopes that he would waive the ticket.

After being offered five thousand pesos in cash to let the man go without a ticket, the officer decided to arrest Miguel Ángel Torres in addition to giving him the traffic ticket.

Following the man’s arraignment on the charges, the court handed him a sentence of 61 days in prison for attempting to bribe a law enforcement official.

Furthermore, Torres will have to spend another 61 days in prison for driving while under the influence.

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