Rosende refutes statements made by Rubilar regarding leak of names in case of false disappearance accusations

The Undersecretary of Interior warned that the deputy asked to keep secret the identities of those who disclosed names, not the names of the prisoners themselves involved in the cases she presented to Minister Carlos Gajardo.

20 de Enero de 2009 | 15:26 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO. -  The Undersecretary of Interior, Patricio Rosende, has refuted statements made by Karla Rubilar and asserted that he never promised to keep the names of the supposedly falsely disappeared persons secret.  Rubilar had disclosed the names to the government and the minister in charge of the matter, Carlos Gajardo.

“I haven’t said it publicly until now, but I did inform the Human Rights Commission a few weeks ago: Deputy Rubilar asked me to keep the names of the people who had filed the reports secret, not the cases themselves”, stated the undersecretary.

Rosende indicated that Deputy Rubilar “was very concerned about the names of those people (the ones who filed the reports) not being publicly exposed unnecessarily.  That information is in the sole possession of Deputy Rubilar, Minister Carlos Gajardo and I”.

While dodging Rubilar´s criticism after she accused the government of leaking the names of the alleged falsely reported cases of missing political prisoners, the undersecretary has spoken out against the attitude assumed by the RN deputy in recent weeks and stated that she has behaved inappropriately in the midst of a situation that has become “very painful” for the families involved.

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