Chamber of Deputies to launch electoral reform bill today

For the new law to be approved, at least three fifths of the deputies currently in office must vote in its favor.

21 de Enero de 2009 | 14:14 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- Following the government decision to request immediate discussion on the initiative, a session has been scheduled for this afternoon at the Chamber of Deputies to vote on the proposal to reform the Constitution in order to allow for automatic voter registration and voluntary voting.

The government bill, which aims to reform the Constitution “in order to establish voting as a right for citizens and allow for automatic registration in the Electoral Registry”, will be discussed first in the Constitution Commission of the Chamber beginning at 3:30 PM.

Once the commission launches the bill, it will pass on to the Sala, which will go into session at 7:00 PM, which is expected to last approximately two hours.

It is worth noting that in order for the bill to be approved, at least 3/5 of the deputies currently in office must vote in its favor. For the moment, only RN deputies and those belonging to Concertación parties are expected to vote for the bill.


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