Gómez admits lack of Concertación support for his campaign registration

The Radical Party leader has asserted that he is aware that many left-wing political figures will try to keep him from continuing on in the race now that Eduardo Frei has officially become a candidate.

26 de Enero de 2009 | 15:01 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO. -  Just as had been expected, the president of the Radical Party (PRSD), Senator José Antonio Gómez, registered his presidential candidacy in hopes of participating in the Concertación primaries, where he will compete against Senator Eduardo Frei.  Goméz took advantage of the occasion to acknowledge the lack of backing for candidacy within the left-wing party coalition.

“We are completely aware that we do not have the support of the parties, that many Concertación political figures are going to tell us not to continue on in this process because we will risk allowing the right to win”, Gómez stated while referring to statements that have been made warning against the risks involved in holding internal primaries.

The senator assured that the stance of the Radical Party is to defeat Alianza candidate Sebastián Piñera, “based on ideas and the Concertación movement”.  Gómez also expressed his confidence that the primaries, which will begin on April 5th of this year in the O´Higgins and Maule regions, will garner a significant amount public participation.

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