Head of Transportation on taximeters: "The time frame has not changed" for modifications

Pablo Rodríguez explained that the modification takes place every six months and the new fares are published on the 11th of January and July, allowing drivers until the 25th of each month to have their meters changed.

27 de Enero de 2009 | 13:33 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO. -  “There will be no time period changes”.  The indication made by the Regional Ministerial Secretary (Seremi) of Transport, Pablo Rodríguez was clear and simple as he reiterated the measure requiring taxi drivers to lower their fares, stressing that they have signed contracts and the system has been working correctly since 2005.

“No changes can be made to the time periods when contracts have been signed, when it is objective and the rules of the game are clear:  when it goes up (the fare), all of us have to do it, and when it goes down, we all have to do the same”, the transportation authority told Radio Cooperativa.

Rodríguez explained that the public bid the taxi drivers participated in established that a readjusted fare would be published on the 11th of July and January, and drivers would have until the 25th of each of these months to have their taxi fare meter modified.  The authority also indicated that the system is one that has worked without complications over the last three years.

“The regulations that are established must be enforced, and any taxi driver that does not comply will be fined”, insisted the Seremi.

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