Government says it will not invest resources to rebuild Chaitén in the same place

The Minister of Interior, Edmundo Pérez-Yoma, announced that the location of the “new Chaiten” will be determined within the next nine months.

29 de Enero de 2009 | 12:49 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- The government announced today that it will not invest resources to rebuild Chaitén in the same location for the families that were forced to evacuate the city in May of last year following the major volcanic eruption that took place in the area.

“We have told people many times that it is dangerous, that they cannot remain there, but we cannot force them (to leave), what we are going to do is invest additional federal funds in the town”, stated the Minister of Interior, Edmundo Pérez Yoma.

The minister assured that the government will respect the wishes of those who decide to stay in the area but insisted that no public funds will be allocated “to a city that we feel should not be located where it is”.

The head of the cabinet did not indicate where the displaced families will finally be settled, declaring that within the next “seven, eight or nine months, we will have a definitive location for the new Chaitén.

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