PPD deputies propose greater public investment in initiatives to combat unemployment

The deputies have identified the Maule Region as an example, where 4 billion pesos had to be returned to the central government after no projects were carried out in 2008.

29 de Enero de 2009 | 12:51 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- PPD Deputy Enrique Accorsi spoke on behalf of his party representatives while proposing that, given the concern that has been generated due to heightened unemployment within the country as a result of the current global economic crisis, the government should do everything in its power to increase the amount of public investment in special projects.

According to Accorsi, the idea would be to give priority to construction projects that require the greatest amount of labor.

“The measures that President Bachelet is taking to halt unemployment, which has reached a rate of 9.7% in Santiago, are significant, however one effective way to go about this is to increase the amount of public investment in construction projects since, as the President herself has stated, we cannot allow the workers to pay for this crisis”, he declared.

Accorsi indicated that he hopes adequate measures will be taken within the organizations in charge of evaluating such projects so that they can be given a positive recommendation as soon as possible and avoid having to be postponed as a result of bureaucratic red tape.

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