Gómez refuses to surrender and reaffirms his candidacy for the Concertación primaries

The Radical Party leader launched his webpage and opened a bank account to raise funds for his campaign.

30 de Enero de 2009 | 13:31 | Paz Saffie, El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.– The presidential candidate of the Radical Social Democrat Party (PRSD), José Antonio Gómez, is not letting them twist his arm. He insisted this morning that he does not intend to withdraw his presidential candidacy as was requested by the party leaders of the Concertación, acknowledging that he intends to triumph.

"We are going to the primaries; we are going to put forth the will and the work needed to win. We are not here to merely compete. We want to win, but we will do so with ideas, we will not go about it any other way", affirmed the Radical Party senator.

In the same vein, he dismissed the idea that his candidacy represents a negotiation process, asserting that the only objective is that the Concertación changes and debates its ideas "so that the next government administration may take the next step" and stop being a mere administrator of the economic system "that has left us in this crisis".

Gómez reaffirmed his intentions of going to the primaries with the launching of his web page www.gomezpresidente.cl and with the opening of the bank account: "Hagamos la vaca", which is intended to raise the funds needed to finance his campaign.

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