Stolen horses may be used as evidence in illegal horse racing case

The animals were taken from the experimental campus of the Universidad Mayor.

02 de Febrero de 2009 | 13:05 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- The Police Investigations Department of the 41st Commissary of the National Police Force received report of six horses stolen from the experimental campus of the Universidad Mayor, located in the municipality of La Pintana.

Four of the animals that were stolen were being kept on the premises under an order given by the South Public Prosecutor's Office, as they were to be used as evidence in a case involving illegal horse races in the area.

The robbery took place this weekend, when unknown individuals accessed the campus, located on Calle Lo Blanco, and managed to take four mares as well as two stallions, the event going unnoticed by the night security guards.

One of the theories currently being considered by police is that friends of the defendants being prosecuted may be involved in the robbery, although the participation of a third party has not been ruled out.

According to Radio Bio Bio, there was no sign of breaking and entering at the stables and the security guards were unaware of what had happened, despite the fact that a large truck must have been used to transport the horses.

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