Rosende accuses Chaitén residents of holding out for more economic benefits

The Undersecretary of Interior said that the government has already handed out enough subsidies to the inhabitants and reminded the public that the State has invested some 30 billion pesos in the zone.

23 de Febrero de 2009 | 13:49 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO. -  The Undersecretary of Interior, Patricio Rosende, accused a group of rebellious Chaitén residents today of refusing to abandon the town in an effort to obtain greater financial payouts from the current situation.

“They have said so, I read one of their statements that says that if the government does not offer them economic aid, they will not leave. The truth is that the Chilean State has invested 30 billion pesos in Chaitén since the catastrophe began, including direct housing rental subsidies, SERCOTEC reinsertion housing plans and permanent relocations”, he declared.

During an interview with Radio ADN, Rosende mentioned a bill that would authorize land in the area to be purchased by the Ministerio de Bienes Nacionales, which will make it so “no one loses anything”.

“This is what was agreed upon by those who left and haven’t returned.  Those 50 individuals that are there…the truth is that it is really mind-boggling what their reasoning is, except to ask for further financial benefits.  We think that the resources that have already been handed out are sufficient”, he added.

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