New Chaitén could have basic facilities within three months

The presidential delegate for the area, Paula Narváez, has said that the new location is safe from a geological point of view and does not pose a threat to inhabitants.

26 de Febrero de 2009 | 13:05 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- The presidential delegate in Chaitén, Paul Narváez, stated today that the government hopes to have basic facilities available within three months at the city's new location, in the Santa Bárbara sector.

Narváez indicated that the Municipal Office is among the first constructions planned so that it can "serve as a central point for developing and coordinating the rest of the projects".

The plan also compromises a police station and system to distribute drinking water, which will be extracted from underground sources. Electrical and cellular phone infrastructure are other topics that are currently being studied by the Undersecretary of Telecommunications.

During an interview with Radio ADN, the delegate explained that there is a gradual process being prepared for the second stage, which will involve the division of land into lots, urbanization, as well as stimulus measures to attract returning residents.

The Ministry of Public Works also has plans for an airport "in a location that possesses good air navigation conditions, such as the area north of the city".

Narváez assured that Santa Bárbara, also known as northern Fandango, has been meticulously studied from a geological point of view and poses no threat to inhabitants.

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