Cortázar assures Transantiago "passed the test" today

The Minister of Transportation pointed out that the system has begun March with 600 more buses and new routes.

02 de Marzo de 2009 | 14:29 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- On the first workday of March, as the majority of Santiago residents head back to work and school, Minister of Transportation René Cortázar performed onsite supervision of Transantiago and has assured that it "passed the test".

"We have been traveling to various points of the city since early this morning. We also have information from monitors around the city, and the public transportation system is functioning normally on this first workday of March", asserted the minister.

Cortázar pointed out that this year the system will have 600 more buses on the streets as well as "a significant number of new routes".

With regards to streets that are still being paved or repaired, the minister indicated that "we have been keeping an eye out up until now to make sure these problems do not generate greater complications".

While referring to onsite observations, the head of Transportation stated that there has been "very intense supervision of the 'buses only' lanes and exclusive routes in an effort to help the system run smoothly, and that is what has been reported so far this morning".

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