"Garra Blanca" publicly threatens Rodrigo Meléndez and gives him an ultimatum

"We demand that this man offer a public apology to fans within 48 hours", states a web post.

02 de Marzo de 2009 | 14:33 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- "Olé, olé, olé, olá if you don't play, you won't stay". This little chant sung by gung-ho Colo Colo fans -also referred to as the "Garra Blanca"- during the team's match against the Rangers in Talca on Saturday caused controversy both on and off the field.

Colo Colo player Rodrigo Meléndez decided to speak up, calling those who were chanting the line "stupid".

Colo Colo fans, however, were quick to respond by releasing an announcement on their website with harsh words for player and demanding that he make a public apology.

"What happened in Talca on Saturday was simply shameful, we weren't able to defeat the team in last position of the local tournament; the same thing happened in Ovalle; what an embarrassing start to the Cup. Could it be that this same team that made us the champions has forgotten to play soccer in only two months? Strange, isn't it…", begins the document, which goes on to hint at a possible player conspiracy.

The site then speaks out against Meléndez: "They were playing on the sides, with a lot of players walking on the field and Mr. Meléndez, instead of moving forward, calmly patted the ball side to side, despite the fact that they were losing; obviously we were not going to applaud such an attitude".

"Overall, we have reached the limit and this man treats us like we are stupid, the only stupid one is him, since he doesn't know where he stands. We demand that this man publicly apologize to Colo Colo fans within 48 hours, since they were the ones singing".

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