Thoughtful Figueroa "merely observes" UC practice

The coach for the Universidad Católica strolled around the field while his assistants gave orders and instructions to the players.

03 de Marzo de 2009 | 14:46 | Leonardo Salazar Molina, El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- On the Universidad Católica, there is no escaping the criticism that has befallen both the coach and players following the team's loss to Huachipato last weekend.

At a morning practice session today, Marco Antonio Figueroa strolled by himself around the main field of the San Carlos de Apoquindo athletic complex, merely observing the work being done and speaking only briefly to his assistants, who were the ones giving instructions to the players.

A mini practice game, with two teams of eight players on each side, was led by Figueroa's assistant, Edgardo Fuents. There, Rodrigo Toloza trained alongside his teammates while, injured members of the squadron, such as Gary Medel, Marco González and Jeremías Caggiano watched from afar.

Apparently aloof, Figueroa paced back and forth, moving closer to some of his assistants and seemed pensive about the UC's current situation.

At the end of the training session, a dozen of the players began to practice center moves and then goal shots. Several meters away, Marco Antonio Figueroa watched while leaning up against a goal post. The coach later sat on one of the benches and continued to merely observe, as if pondering the future of the 2009 Católica team.

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