"Nelson Oyarzún" stadium in Chillán also shows cracks

Just like the "Francisco Sánchez Rumoroso" stadium in Coquimbo, the Chillán complex has been displaying structural damage.

04 de Marzo de 2009 | 14:57 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- "A crack is better than a pasture", the Minister of Government Affaire, Francisco Vidal told El Mercurio. The government spokesperson has been attempting to dodge criticism after cracks were discovered in the "Francisco Sánchez Rumoroso" stadium in Coquimbo, which was inaugurated four months ago before the Sub 20 Women's World Cup.

The mayor of the Fourth Region city, Óscar Pereira, said that the stadium has still not been approved by the Ministry of Public Works because there are a few "little details" pending.

The construction company Urbana Inca also opted to tell their side of the story and assured that the fissures do not indicate a structural problem.

Today, however, questions emerged regarding possible problems that may be affecting other World Cup stadiums, such as the "Nelson Oyarzún" complex in Chillán.

The mayor of Chillán and former president of Ñublense, Sergio Zarzar, has recognized the damaged but, according to the newspaper "La Discusión", stated that the cracks are "more esthetic than anything else and are irrelevant".

The mayor has already contacted the company BCF, which may be hired to repair the cracks –the Municipality has six months to use the warranty for the stadium-, although the company has not yet confirmed the possibility. "I am on medical leave, so I cannot confirm the information", told the same periodical Engineer Patricio River, who was in charge of the infrastructure during the construction process.

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