AChM asks government to issue instructions to postpone vehicular circulation permit payments

The president of the entity, Jaime Pavez, has denied that the date change would cause a lack of resources for some municipalities.

06 de Marzo de 2009 | 12:43 | ORBE

SANTIAGO.- Following a request filed by Senator Soledad Alvear (DC) to postpone vehicle circulation permit payments from March until June, the president of the Chilean Association of Municipalities (AChM), Jaime Pavez, has asked the government to go ahead with instructions to put the initiative into effect.

The Mayor of La Pintana also stated that what the government, specifically the Ministry of Interior, "should do in our opinion, is send instructions through Parliament, which should be an easy process, to allow for the payments to be made at a different time".

Pavez also claimed that the payments for vehicular circulation permits should be made during the May-June quarter, and said that a second payment could be collected in October-November, "because many times people complete it in two parts".

Pavez criticized the Executive Branch for lacking the political will to issue an instruction that would make Alvear's idea, "which has been expressed for many years", into effect.

"The argument posed by the government is that some municipalities that depend on municipal funds, could have fewer resources during this time period, which is why we have shown that this is not the case", he assured.

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