Authorities arrest Chilean man trying to enter Spain with cocaine cast

66 year-old J.S.P.F. was also carrying drugs in six beer cans and two rolls of aluminum foil.

06 de Marzo de 2009 | 12:46 | EFE

BARCELONA.- Spanish police officers arrested a man that had placed a cast made of cocaine on his leg in an effort to fool authorities at the Barcelona airport.

According to police reports, the 66 year-old man with initials J.S.P.F. is a Chilean national and was arrested with more than five kilos of cocaine in his cast and luggage after arriving in Barcelona on a flight coming from Santiago.

After suspecting that the man might be carrying narcotics in his belongings, agents transferred him to customs services, where officials searched his baggage and discovered cocaine hidden inside six beer cans and two rolls of aluminum foil.

The officials then applied reactive chemicals to the cast on the man's left leg and were surprised to find that it too tested positive for cocaine.

The agents then removed the cast, which was found to be completely made of cocaine, and confirmed that the man was suffering from a compound fracture in his the tibia and fibula bones of his leg, prompting him to be transferred to a medical center for treatment.

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