Mauricio Isla's physical troubles cause alarm

The former Católica player was not summoned for the Udinese match against Rome.

06 de Marzo de 2009 | 14:28 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- Udinese will face Rome this weekend in Italy. The game represents an unprecedented duel between Chileans due that fact that the home team includes two Chilean players: Mauricio Isla and Alexis Sánchez, while David Pizarro plays for the visitors.

One of those three players may not make it to the field however, Mauricio Isla is reportedly suffering from physical complications and, despite being a steady starter on his team, does not appear on the roster of players summoned for the match.

The Udinese coach, Pasquale Marino, has taken it upon himself to clear up the situation of the Chilean defensive player, saying that he intends to have him back for the team's clash against Zenit in the Union of European Football Associations next Thursday.

"There has been talk about Rome and his absences, but I am worried about my team.  Isla and Lukovic have practiced separate from the group, while Quagliarella returned today. That is why we should analyze his condition well for the upcoming matches, since after the game we have four days to prepare him for the UEFA match against Zenit", stated the coach.

Isla has not been able to participate at one hundred percent during his teams' most recent clashes. Last weekend, for example, he played only 45 at the squadron's 2-0 victory over Lecce.

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