Atilio Andreoli store in Las Condes robbed

A group of thieves made off with 15 million pesos in merchandise from the renowned Chilean designer's retail space.

10 de Marzo de 2009 | 12:48 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- A group of intruders managed to escape with close to 15 million pesos in merchandise after robbing a store owned by Chilean designer Atilio Andreoli, located on Calle Augusto Leguía in the Municipality of Las Condes.

According to Radio Cooperativa, a guard identified as Antionio Espinoza was present at the time of the robbery and offered his version of what took place.

"(Suddenly) a red truck appeared, it looked like a Chevrolet with four doors and approximately four or five people, who proceeded to break down the inside door and take everything inside", stated the guard.

In the same neighborhood, an Adidas brand sports locale had also been burglarized.

The suspects entered the store, located at Bosque Norte 40, jimmied the parking lot locks and took a large quantity of inventory that has yet to be appraised.

Police are currently performing an intensive search operation to locate those responsible for the robberies.

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