Bachelet criticizes pessimism and overload of crisis proposals

According to the President, "the overabundance of proposals and new ideas currently generating unproductive arguments" are not of any use.

10 de Marzo de 2009 | 12:54 | Economía y Negocios Online

SANTIAGO.- While addressing Chile's plan for dealing with the current global situation, President Michelle Bachelet voiced direct criticism against economic experts and the excess of proposals on how to confront the current crisis.

After stressing her belief that Chile "will not become paralyzed", Bachelet maintained that "the fact that there are people making exaggeratedly dismal forecasts does not help us to confront the crisis at all, since they end up aggravating problems; nor is it useful to have a great overabundance of proposals and new ideas that generate arguments that are unproductive and unnecessary right now".

The President assured once again that her administration is dedicated to overcoming the effects of the crisis on the population through the use of measures, such as a public stimulus plan. Furthermore, President Bachelet stated that "today what we need to do is work; get things done".

"Public investment is not going to come to a halt and, in this way, if we also work hard together with the rest of the sectors, we are going to help the economy eventually become more dynamic and provide more of our fellow citizens with jobs", she added.

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