Bachelet highlights economic policy on third anniversary of her administration

The President has stated that "Chile will overcome the hardship and will emerge stronger than before".

11 de Marzo de 2009 | 15:02 | Karina Morales, El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- The economic crisis was the central point of the speech given by President Michelle Bachelet today while celebrating the third anniversary of her administration in Pudahuel.

After acknowledging that one year ago she could never have imagined that her last period in office would be marked by the difficult financial situation that is currently affecting the world, Bachelet guaranteed that Chile will not crumble under the difficulties because the "responsible" management of the nation's economy will allow it to continue on with its policy of social protection and equitable growth.

"Today it is increasingly clear that it was a wise choice to be frugal", stated the President while reminding citizens that her position has always been against excessive spending during times of wealth.

Thanks to these actions, Bachelet assured, "we are not going to collapse at a time like this, Chile is going to overcome the problems and will emerge stronger than before".

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