Former Mayor of Lo Prado crashes into house following incident at bar

The owner of the home stated that Humberto Sanhueza may have been intoxicated.

12 de Marzo de 2009 | 12:41 | Francisco Águila, El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- Former Mayor of Lo Prado Humberto Sanhueza, reportedly crashed his vehicle into a home located in the same municipality following an incident that took place in a pub on the corner of streets General Bonilla and Chicago.

According to preliminary reports, the former mayor crashed twice into a house located 10 meters away from the establishment. Witnesses claim that the collisions occurred after Sanhueza was denied entry to the club.

The owner of the damaged home, 45 year-old Adrián Núñez Soto, says that the incident took place at 2:00 am this morning. "I was sleeping, when I heard a deafening noise. I tried to turn on the lights and there was a second impact", he explains.

Other witnesses told Radio Cooperativa that Sanhueza, who is currently the Councilor of the municipality, made a U turn and drove through a garden before hitting two parked vehicles, the gate and front portion of the home, which ended up with structural damage.

Núñez stated that the man may have been trying to flee the scene, but neighbors caught him and, after trying to talk to him, realized that he was noticeably intoxicated.

The former mayor was arrested and taken to the 44th Police Commissary of Lo Prado.  Later, he was released by the Central North Public Prosecutor's Office.

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