Michelle Bachelet leaves Taj Mahal "impressed"

The palace was closed for two hours while the President and her entourage were given a tour.

18 de Marzo de 2009 | 14:34 | El Mercurio Online

NEW DELHI.- On the third day of her official visit to India, President Michelle Bachelet took advantage of being in Mumbai to go on a morning visit to the Taj Mahal Palace, which has been deemed one of the seven wonders of the modern world.

The palace was closed so that the President and her entourage could tour for approximately two hours.

At the site, the President declared her amazement with regards to the architecture, which has been preserved nearly intact since 1631, when its construction began.

"It is amazing to be in a country and learn about the culture, the architecture, the beauty, the detailed plans from the year 1632, especially the level of cultural development that existed during the time period, which remains alive in the society. So, for all of us it is a tremendous privilege", stated the President while leaving the temple.

Today, Bachelet is scheduled to visit a foundation and meet with the governor of the Province of Maharashtra, S.C. Jamir.

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