UDI Deputy assumes presidency of the Chamber for the first time

Rodrigo Álvarez received 86 votes in his favor following a political agreement that was reached between the Alianza and Concertación benches during 2008.

18 de Marzo de 2009 | 14:40 | El Mercurio Online

VALPARAÍSO.- With 86 votes in his favor, and thanks to a political agreement reached between the Alianza and Concertación benches in 2008, UDI Deputy Rodrigo Álvarez was elected today as the new president of the Lower House.

Álvarez, who will occupy the position until March of 2010, is the first Member of Parliament from his party to become president of the Chamber.

The legislator will be accompanied by Deputy Alfonso Vargas as the primary vice-president and socialist party member Raúl Súnico as the secondary vice-president.

The new members of the Chamber presidency will replace deputies Francisco Encina, Guillermo Ceroni and Jorge Ulloa, who presented their resignations yesterday.

Rodrigo Álvarez is a lawyer and since 1998 has been representing District 60, which comprises the municipalities of Antarctica, Cape Horn, Laguna Blanca, Primavera, Punta Arenas, Río Verde, San Gregorio, Timaukel and Torres Del Paine.

The deputy's parents, brothers and wife, four of his five children, as well as the UDI senators, part of the youth party association, and members of the Jaime Guzmán Foundation were present in the stands during the voting process to show support and prevent any kind of protest against him.

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