Chile and India sign agreement to ensure connectivity in rural areas

The treaty hopes to strengthen agricultural development through innovative wireless connections, such as WiFi and WiMax.

20 de Marzo de 2009 | 14:50 | Economía y Negocios Online

CHENNAI.- The Ministry of Agriculture and the MS Swaminathan Research Foundation of India signed an agreement in Chennai to boost agricultural innovation by increasing connectivity in the rural areas of both nations by installing wireless WiFi and WiMas technology.

The agreement was made official in the presence of President Michelle Bachelet and was signed by the Minister of Agriculture, Marigen Hornkohl; the president of the MS Swaminathan Research Foundation, M.S. Swaminathan; and the Executive Director of the Chilean Foundation for Agricultural Innovation (FIA), Rodrigo Vega.

Minister Hornkohl stated that the agreement to collaborate will be implemented through the FIA and will benefit the rural sectors of both nations.

The minister explained that the goals would be met through the use of Information and Communication Technology tools (ICTs) to boost digital connectivity in the country through the use of wireless equipment like WiFi and WiMax.

The agreement also looks to allow for coordination and organization of training so that the residents of rural areas can learn to use computers, the Internet and certain software programs.

Furthermore, the agreement also establishes several other areas of cooperation, such as the use of ICTs to optimize logistics, as well as technical and specialized visits, while providing professionals and institutions in both counties with study visits, technology tours, workshops and publications.

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