Joseph Biden first to arrive for Progressive Leaders Summit

Upon arrival at the Santiago airport, the Vice-president of the United States departed immediately for Viña del Mar, escorted by a caravan of 15 vehicles.

27 de Marzo de 2009 | 14:30 | EFE

SANTIAGO.- Vice-president of the United States Joseph Biden headed up the arrival of participants in the Progressive Leaders Summit, taking place today and tomorrow in Viña del Mar.

Biden, who made no statements upon arrival, departed immediately from the airport in Santiago en route for the meeting headquarters. Heavy security measures were put in place, and the vice-president was escorted by a caravan of 15 secret service vehicles.

Following the summit, Biden will commence his official visit to Chile, with an agenda that includes a work meeting with President Michelle Bachelet, who will also host a dinner in his honor at the Presidential Palace of La Moneda.

Another important participant to arrive today at the Progressive Summit was President of Uruguay, Tabaré Vázquez, who came from China, where he was carrying out a diplomatic visit.

Like Biden, Vázquez went directly from the airport to Viña del Mar without speaking to the press.

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