Conaf officer in critical condition after receiving hatchet blow to the head

The incident, which took place at the Los Vilos Brigade Base, is being investigated by the PDI.

30 de Marzo de 2009 | 14:49 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- An officer belonging to the National Forest Service (CONAF) was seriously injured after receiving a blow to his head with a hatchet.

The incident, which is currently being investigated by the Bureau of Police Investigations, took place last night just outside of the Los Vilos Brigade Base, where the victim, identified as Jaime Bravo, was found at 11:30 pm by a security guard.

Bravo was hospitalized at the Hospital de Coquimbo medical facility at 3:00 am and is currently remains in the Intensive Care Unit (UCI).

PDI officers were dispatched to the scene of the crime and closed off the entrance to the Brigade Base in order to investigate any evidence left behind in an attempt to determine who may have been responsible for the brutal attack.

While expressing their condolences for what had taken place, CONAF authorities asserted that they would offer any support necessary to aid the victim and his family as they cope with this difficult occurrence.

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