Drunk driver severely injured in car crash in Las Condes

28 year-old Fernando Jadue was rescued by fire-fighters and taken to the Clínica Las Condes medical facility.

01 de Abril de 2009 | 14:38 | Francisco Águila, El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- A 28 year-old man has been listed in serious, but not life- threatening condition after crashing his car this morning at the corner of Avenida Las Condes and San Damián.

Police Capitan Patricio Faunes has indicated that the man, identified as Fernando José Jadue Selman, was intoxicated and driving eastbound in the third lane at the time of the accident.

After arriving at the intersection, Jadue lost control of his vehicle and collided with a median barrier, causing his car to flip over.

As a result of the accident, the driver suffered several broken bones and had to be transported to the Clínica Las Condes medical center after firefighters from the 15th Unit of Las Condes managed to rescue him.

The median barrier, as well as a traffic light at the scene of the crash, were both destroyed by the impact.

According to Capitan Faunes, the driver has been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and has been placed under the jurisdiction of the East Metropolitan Public Prosecutor's Office despite the fact that authorities will continue to investigate the cause of the crash.

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