Rojo case: Defense wants surviving boy to testify

The court is now waiting for the results of investigative and neurological reports that will determine whether or not the boy is apt to testify.

15 de Abril de 2009 | 12:29 | Francisco Águila, El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- The investigation into the brutal attack of brothers Esteban (8) and Pablo Rojo (15) has been extended by 60 days. The attack took place in January of 2008 when the boys' mother, Jeanette Hernández Castro, allegedly beat them with a hammer, killing her youngest son and seriously injuring the older one.

The request for extension was made by the Puente Alto public prosecutor, Patricio Vergara, after reaching an agreement with the woman's defense attorney, Ximena Silva.

The petition was based on the fact that the results of investigative reports elaborated by the Legal Medical Service, as well as a private doctor, have still not been received. The reports were requested by both the prosecution and defense teams.

Following the hearing, Vergara declined to comment on what had taken place, while the defense attorney indicated that the exam results that have not yet been received include the neurological examination of the surviving boy who, according to what his father has told the attorney, may remember details about what happened.

The evaluation aims to determine whether the boy's recollections are indeed of the attack and whether he is apt to serve as a witness during the trial.

According to the defense attorney, the boy is making good progress and is now able to speak and hold short conversations.

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