Police arrest suspects following attempts to burglarize two homes in Huechuraba

Authorities are currently investigating whether the cases are linked to a violent break-in that took place last week.

07 de Mayo de 2009 | 15:38 | Francisco Águila, El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- Thanks to the help of a neighbor, police were able to capture five individuals that attempted to burglarize two comes on Calle Camino Cintura last night, in the Municipality of Huechuraba.

The incident took place just after 11:00 PM, when the suspects –who according to police possess between 10 and 12 previous arrest records for similar crimes-, arrived at one of the homes, which was supervised by a night security guard.

The suspects destroyed part of the fencing around the home and entered the residence.  After being surprised by the guard however, the individuals fled to an apartment complex located in front of the house.

There, the individuals attempted to enter a second home, which was also under the supervision of a security guard, who ran after the suspects armed with only a baton.

As a result, the suspects fled the area in a taxi that was waiting for them, but were followed by a neighbor and the security guard, who subsequently notified police. Finally, the assailants were caught and detained.

According to Police Capitan Alfredo Fuenzalida, police seized three fake firearms, tools to open fences, as well as a Halloween mask from the men.

Furthermore, police are currently investigating whether or not the suspects may be linked to a violent break-in that took place at a home on the same street last week.

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