"Papelucho" to be released in theaters in Mexico, U.S.A. and Canada

The Mexican film distributor Gussi has purchased the rights to the Chilean animation film.

08 de Mayo de 2009 | 14:57 | El Mercurio Online

LOS ANGELES.- The popular cartoon character "Papelucho", created by writer Marcela Paz and taken to the big screen by Director Alejandro Rojas, will be seen in North American theatres now that Mexican distributor Gussi has acquired the rights to the film.

According to Variety, the animated film, which attracted close to 200 thousand audience members in Chile, was acquired through FilmSharks International – a Latin American company in charge of selling the film's rights abroad.

The feature-length film also has been signed to make its way to Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and the Middle East, thanks to operations with film distributors Impacto Cine, EuroCine, Escalon Films and Media International Pictures.

FilmSharks also managed to sell the film's rights of "Desierto Sur", by Shawn Garry, to the FiGa Films distributor, which plans to show the movie at a maximum of 5 theaters in Los Angeles with the possibility of expansion if the film is received positively by the local public and critics.

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